Providing Representation For the Legal Needs of Clients Throughout Tolland County For Over 20 Years

Tolisano & Danforth, LLC, has worked on behalf of clients not only in Tolland County, where Attorney Danforth has lived most of his life, but has also served the needs of clients throughout Connecticut as well as clients from all over the United States and the world who have legal needs in Connecticut.

Providing hands-on legal service for residents of Tolland County, as well of all of Connecticut.

Personal Attention To Your Legal Issues

Our firm understands that when a person seeks the assistance of an attorney, that person has a serious or complex issue that warrants special attention and care. We strive to give our clients personal attention from staff members and attorneys who will work with directly with clients to listen to their issue and strive to provide counsel to solve that issue.

​For over twenty years, Attorney Brian Danforth has worked with many clients with several issues.  These issues can create a lot of uncertainty and discomfort for clients, whether it be how best to handle an accident after having been hit by another driver, or having just been served by court documents and how to respond to a claim against a client. Attorney Danforth believes that a client get the personal attention he or she needs to understand how to understand through the complexities of the legal system or the terms of a contract to get to a solution to every issue.

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The Experience And Background To Help You Fight For Your Legal Rights To Prosecute Or Defend Your Issue

Attorney Brian Danforth is an experienced litigator with over 20 years experience.  He has fought for the rights of clients for injuries that have occurred on the job and out in public.  He also has spent time working on behalf of the insurance companies and understands their mindset in defending and resolving cases.  Also, Tolisano & Danforth, LLC,​ have an extensive practice of contract litigation, which includes collections, complex contract litigation, such as homeowners policies with regard to the “crumbling concrete” in Tolland County, as well as prosecuting and defending clients in everyday contracts, such as real estate contracts, home improvement contracts, and employment contracts.

In addition, Attorney Danforth has defended clients who find themselves being brought into the court after having been served court documents.  Our office works with clients to find a way to effectively defend a client on the claims brought against them and seeks out ways to efficiently and economically resolve these matters.

Skilled Negotiators Who Are Always Ready To Go To Trial

Going through mediation to settle a dispute is almost always preferable to a trial. Mediation significantly reduces the cost, time commitment and stress levels associated with going to court. We approach almost every case with the goal of negotiating a settlement through mediation.

However, when negotiations fail, we are always prepared to represent you in trial. Right from the outset, we prepare two parallel strategies to resolve your legal issue; a mediation strategy and a court trial strategy. Our philosophy is to expect the unexpected and always be prepared. This philosophy has resulted in a long track record of success at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

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